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NEW YORK, February 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Legal Breakthroughs The United States and beyond that, they are helping bring the sports betting industry into the mainstream like never before. As legal restrictions on online sports betting decrease, the industry has new ways to integrate betting with other pillars of the sports entertainment experience to improve visibility, accessibility and convenience. Through partnerships and acquisitions, sports betting and entertainment companies such as Real Luck Group Ltd., "Luckbox" (TSXV: LUCK), Fubotv Inc. (NYSE: FUBO), Elys Game Technology Corp. (NASDAQ: ELYS) (NEO: ELYS), Esports Entertainment Group Inc (NASDAQ: GMBL), and Score Media and Gaming (TSX: SCR) (OTCPK: TSCRF) are integrating betting with sports streaming platforms, sports news and more for the To offer fans the most comprehensive entertainment possible.

Luckbox builds the most complete sports entertainment experience

Real Luck Group Ltd, "Luckbox" (TSXV: LUCK), is working to build a full esports and traditional sports betting experience by creating a platform where users can watch and bet on virtually any major event around the world . Luckbox is a fully licensed global esports betting platform that offers real money wagering before and during the game while also offering high quality streaming for almost every game.

Luckbox offers high quality live streaming of 90 percent of the esports matches offered on the platform, leaving users with a single destination to seamlessly place their bets and watch the action. Luckbox has more esports matches than almost any other esports betting platform in more than 80 countries. The Luckbox platform includes the 13 biggest esports titles out there today and can easily add new titles as they move up in the esports scene.

On 3 FebruaryReal Luck Group announced that the company, in partnership with EveryMatrix Ltd. will add traditional sports betting to the platform. Luckbox will add more than 105 traditional sports with around 85,000 pre-match events, 70,000 live events and 450 types of bets each month.

"The timing of this announcement couldn't have been better than the Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in The United States and a top 5 event worldwide starts this week, "said Luckbox CEO Quentin Martin said in the company's press release. "Our partnership with EveryMatrix allows us to bring functionality with the Six Nations of the Australian Open Tennis and Rugby Union to the Luckbox platform after the Super Bowl LV. Luckbox is a sports betting destination, but we know that most of our players also love traditional sports. With this new functionality they can bet on hugely popular sports like soccer, basketball and hockey from the comfort of Luckbox – a single and secure platform that now integrates esports and traditional sports betting. On behalf of Luckbox, I want to Thanks to EveryMatrix for their support in integrating traditional sports betting into the Luckbox platform. "

Gambling companies are expanding into the sports entertainment ecosystem

The Canadian sports media company Score Media was spun off in 2014 to create Score Media and Gaming (TSX: SCR) (OTC: TSCRF), which operates its flagship theScore Sports Media Outlet together with adjacent sports and sports betting platforms. In January this year, the company released its financial results for the first quarter, showing the company's best quarter to date for media revenue and exponential growth for the betting platform.

The sports-centric streaming platform FuboTV Inc (NYSE: FUBO) took its first step into the world of sports betting in December with the takeover of Balto Sports. Balto Sports is a platform that develops tools for users to organize and play fantasy sports games. According to FuboTV, Balto's technology is to be combined with its own to launch a free game offer.

B2B and B2C betting technology company Newgioco became Elys Game Technology Corp (NASDAQ: ELYS) (NEO: ELYS) last summer. The company announced that it will shift its focus to the fast-growing US sports betting market. On January 28thThe company announced that it expects revenue to grow 26 percent in the fourth quarter of 2020.

In addition to facilitating online esports betting, Esports Entertainment Group Inc (NASDAQ: GMBL) operates a platform where users can participate in online multiplayer mobile, console, and PC esports tournaments for cash prizes. The company was busy acquiring assets early in 2021 to expand its esports offering. On 21th JanuaryThe company completed the acquisition of the Esports Gaming League. On January 25thThe company has entered into a binding agreement to acquire the esports-related platforms Helix eSports and ggCircuit.

As jurisdictions continue to open to online sports betting, there is a growing opportunity for companies like Real Luck Group to integrate with other areas of the sports entertainment experience, becoming an essential part of the sports entertainment ecosystem.

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