Riga officers shut down six arcades – European gaming trade information


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On February 3, members of the Committee on Security, Public Order and Corruption Prevention decided to approve the decision to revoke the previously granted permits from six arcades, as confirmed by the Riga City Council.

This means that the gambling halls at 5B Parādes Street, 45 Rītupes Street, 1 Lutriņu Street, 85 Tallinas Street, 111 Miera Street and 20A Akadēmiķa Mstislava Keldiša Street must be closed.

The reason for this decision is that the location of these arcades does not correspond to the planning of the Riga area. These venues are all located in residential areas or near the protection zone of the historic center of Riga.

“Today's vote shows that the committee is uniform in its views and can work. The decision to revoke the permits from six gambling halls was unanimously supported. I am satisfied with the outcome as the services offered by the gambling industry also pose an increased risk for the disabled and society as a whole. Even the Constitutional Court admits that arcade accessibility is a factor that contributes to gambling addiction. This factor can be prevented with some restrictions, ”said Linda Ozola, Chair of the Committee on Security, Public Order and Corruption Prevention.

Permits issued to open arcades and to organize games of chance expire five years from the date on which the relevant decision of the Riga City Council comes into force.