Mississippi's sports activities betting deal with elevated barely in December


The Mississippi Gambling Commission reported that the state ended 2020 on a positive note, slightly increasing the number of sports bets in December.

Sales increased compared to the previous year

MississippI's sports betting handle has been increased slightly December compared to the previous month, conclusion a difficult year on one good note. The state reported $ 55.3M bets to the Decemberon 1.6% of November, at the $ 54.4 million, and 12.7% compared to the previous yearWith $ 49 million in the December 2019.

However, sports betting revenue fell 4.3% last month around $ 7.76 million, versus $ 8.1 million in the November, but remains significantly higher compared to the results of the previous year for December $ 3.4 million.

According to the Mississippi Gaming Commission findings released on Tuesday Coastal Casinos reported a $ 37.6 million in sports betting for the past month while Central region Game characteristics and Northern Casinos reported $ 8.9 million and $ 8.8 million, respectively.

Overall for 2020, Mississippi gaming facilities reported a Sports betting handle of almost $ 364 million, a $ 5 million will fall of 2019who stood at $ 369 million.

The income from sports betting last year was almost reached $ 44 million, just a little bit before 2019 $ 44.5 million. In addition, the state Gross gaming revenue all in all $ 1.795 billion in the 2020, a $ 400 million Decrease compared to 2019that generated $ 2.2 billion.

Mobile sports betting in Mississippi?

Mississippi players are currently not authorized to place bets online via their phone or computer, but can wager whether they are physically in one of the state's gaming properties.

Republican Senator Scott DeLano filed Senate Act 2396, another attempt by state politicians to legalize online betting.

Three bills The expansion of sports betting in Mississippi could not prevail 2019. Although with Curfew last year due to the pandemic and the venues facing a possible second lockdown 2021There is an urgent need to get the state into sports betting in order for the casinos to perform well.

DeLano's legislation could be voted on and approved by the end of this year's legislative term, which ends July 1st.