Letters: Let's check if gambling works in Hawaii. I select to battle for all times and take the vaccine. TMT presents a glimpse into the wonders of the universe


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I choose to fight for life and take the vaccine

I am grateful for my faith in God, grateful for the land and family that he gave me, and for the doctors that he made available to me. I'm so grateful that I never had to fight in a war, neither my husband nor my children.

My only war is against evil and this coronavirus that I will be happy to fight. I choose life and happily take the vaccine for my life and others.

Judith Thomas-Benito


TMT offers a glimpse into the wonders of the universe

Ever since I was a kid, I kept looking up at the sky and wondering what the universe was like.

The first pictures were amazing – so many different shapes and colors. Really wonderful.

Now I would like to see the completion of the 30 meter telescope on Mauna Kea to see what is beyond the images we have seen so far.

It is estimated that it will take 10 to 11 years to complete and be operational.

Will I be alive to bear testimony with millions of other people? Shucks, I'll be over 90 years old!

Gilbert Horita

Ala Moana

Let's test if the gambling works for Hawaii

We need some type of gambling, even if it's just a trade-off with no more than $ 50,000 in prize money. That way, no one is going to forego mortgage payments to make it big.

Legislation tells us that the people of Hawaii are too irresponsible to gamble, that every other state is smarter than us and its citizens are smarter with their money.

We can try a trial period of two years or until the economy recovers to see if gambling in Hawaii is going smoothly.

Or will Las Vegas raise their stakes to influence the no?

Lee Scruton


Make the CARES Act money circulate locally

With CARES Act money floating around in Hawaii's economy, we won't have to worry about new industries or returning tourists.

So everyone, please try to avoid sending your money out of the state.

Regina Gregory



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