How do the Irish spend on gambling in comparison with the world?


When people talk about gambling, they usually think of Monte Carlo or Las Vegas, but the truth is that the biggest spending on this type of entertainment is like American beer. usually near water.

The Irish spend less than just two countries in the world per capita, namely Australia and Singapore.

But unlike most other countries where people spend their money in casinos, Éireannach prefers to play online and in this order:

  • Online gambling – 60%
  • Betting and sports betting – 15%
  • Lottery – 10%
  • Slot machines and slot machines – 10%
  • Casino – 5%

Aussies also spend a lot of money online on slots (called pokies in Australia) but not as much as on land-based slot machines. Ireland is the world leader in online gambling.

And during Some consider Great Britain a gambling meccaThe neighbors have also opted for increased online gambling, especially in 2020 due to all the bans. The British also spend around 25% less money per person annually than the Irish.

What is interesting when observing the global stage is that all European islands are at the top of the per capita expenditure. Great Britain and the island join in the north of Ireland, while both Cyprus and Malta take top positions in the south.

Third in the world per capita

With nearly $ 3 billion spent on gambling and wagering each year, that means every man, woman and child in Ireland spends around € 500 annually on this type of entertainment.

Such behavior could be argued to be cultural, but it has a lot to do with generally outdated laws that some operators use to attract larger crowds and the greatest losses of those crowds.

This is why so many people choose online casinos and games because they offer a minimum of transparency and accountability. It is reported that most Irish would rather try their luck at a UK casino than use a domestic service, and laws are likely to be to blame.

It's likely, that Ireland will enact new gambling regulationsHowever, it remains to be seen whether this will have an impact on our global ranking in this regard.

The explosion of online gambling

Online gambling has grown steadily since the 2010s, growing an average of 15% annually. It wasn't until 2020 that the number of users rose explosively, followed by even more operators who invest in a license.

In addition, with the expansion of the types of services available online, such a type of gambling is becoming attractive to more and more people. With live online casino slots as well as live sports betting, it is not surprising why players are trying their luck online.

Aussies on top

Australians are by far the largest per capita spenders in the world on gambling. At nearly € 800 per person, the country spends more than $ 18 billion each year.

And while many believe that the main attraction for Aussies is the online pokies (slots), this is only partly the truth. Most of the people in the island nation spend their money on non-casino slot machines.

These devices contain traditional slots found in bars and hangouts. There are also an increasing number of Japanese pachinko machines in the country that are becoming increasingly popular.

But like everywhere else, the biggest growing branch is online gambling. Because of this, more and more Australians are playing their pokies on mobile devices or even home computers.

Singapore in second place

Singapore may be the second largest donor per capita in the world, but this information can be misleading. The East Asian city-state has dominant brick and mortar casino spending where all spending is counted as domestic spending.

However, this could mean that players from neighboring countries are coming to the state to play. In both Indonesia and Malaysia, most types of gambling are strictly prohibited under Sharia law, leaving only Singapore as a possible point of sale.

Since such behavior is generating some much-needed revenue for the country and tourism, the government is unlikely to take any action to prevent the further spread of casinos in the city.

The US is still the largest market

The United States is "only" the fifth largest per capita donor in the world after Ireland and Finland. But, with more than 330 million people in the countryThey are by far the largest market for casinos and online operators.

In 2019, Americans spent more than $ 120 billion on gambling, roughly double what they did in China if we include Hong Kong and Macau in that number.

But while those numbers far exceed Ireland's 2.7 billion, that's a lot more money for a country under 5 million people.

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