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Hit, Break up, or Sit: Good Lady Playing Ideas


Double, split, hold or hit? Even the slang of gambling can be intimidating, let alone placing a wager in a casino. We spent a morning at the SLS Casino in Las Vegas and here are some tips to demystify the world of gambling and give you a strategy.

Colleen Keo, a veteran manager at the SLS casino, said these are all workable betting strategies. She is handing out five more to give rookie players a fun evening at the blackjack table.

First, ask the dealer questions.

Keo said to Ivanhoe, "Everyone is pretty much ready to help, so if you let them know that you're new and want to learn the game, they'll be happy to help and answer these questions for you."

Second, read before betting.

"Most of the tables will have signs letting you know what game it is and the odds will be written on the table," said Keo.

Third, use the right signals.

"If you want to beat a card, you hit the table and if you want to stay, you would wave it off. It's pretty easy, once you do this the game is easy, "explained Keo.

Number four: look out for the dealer's cards.

"Just come in and have a good time and play. If you like this game, stick with this game and if you don't want to play this game anymore there are plenty of games to try," Keo said.

There is no safe bet, but chances are you are ready to break the bank now.

Keo has a few more tips: if blackjack turns out to be not your game, take a look at roulette. The rules are just as simple or simpler than blackjack. Casinos loyalty programs are some of your best bets. At the SLS, you will receive a player card with incentives such as gifts, tournament invitations and much more.

Contributors to this news report include: Jessica Sanchez, Supervising Producer; Wendy Chioji, field producer; Tony D’Astoli, editor; Rusty Reed, videographer.