Flutter is rolling out Irish safer gambling obligations


Fluttering entertainmentIrish companies are expected to receive updated guidelines on safer gambling, including a ban on credit cards, increased investment in research, education and treatment, and a ban on television advertising.

The measures are intended to reduce the potential for damage and include the obligation to donate one percent of net gaming revenue to support research, training and treatment of gambling problems.

On the basis of the NGR achieved for 2020, the contribution this year will be around EUR 1.25 million, which will increase to around EUR 3 million in two years.

Flutter, the 450,000 euros for the Gambling Awareness Trust In Ireland, the increased donation will be used to support new initiatives across the country.

"We welcome the Irish government's commitment to regulate gambling during their lifetime," he said Conor Grant, CEO of Flutter UK & Ireland. “But gaming providers need to act responsibly without being obliged to do so.

“We know that gambling has undergone a technological change in the past two decades. The influence of smartphones, social media and on-demand streaming has been profound. We understand that the legislation for these developments is complex and can take time.

"We decided to put a number of measures in place well in advance of legislation to improve the effectiveness of our safer gambling policy in Ireland."

As part of the commitment, the company's trademarks will be used in Ireland, including Paddy Power, Betfair and Sky Betdoes not accept credit card payments from customers on all online customer accounts and in Paddy Power shops.

The technological implementation is expected to take place in the next six weeks. The ban is expected to come into force at the beginning of April.

In addition, starting in early May before 9 p.m., the group will introduce a restriction on television advertising for live sports, excluding horse races and greyhound races, which take place from five minutes before an event to five minutes after

"Our Irish business already has a wide range of secure security measures in place," added Grant. “There are clear benefits to having these or similar measures applied across the market in Ireland.

“As an industry, we haven't always got it right and we need to work together to ensure that we do everything we can to prevent problem gambling.

"The reality is that protective and promotional measures will evolve over time and new measures need to be considered to promote moderation, safety and enjoyment in this era of digital gambling."