Crown not match to run Sydney On line casino, regulators say


Crown Resorts has been officially informed by the Gambling Authority that the James Packer-backed gambling giant is unsuitable to operate a casino in NSW.

The Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA) has also "entered into the consultation process" to determine the suitability of Crown after the damning report by former NSW Supreme Court Justice Patricia Bergin, SC, last week License can achieve.

Crown announced in a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange that ILGA had received a letter confirming that the company was no longer an “eligible person” for a license under the Casino Control Act and against its obligations under VIP Gaming Management Violated the agreement

The Bergin report found that the $ 6.9 billion gambling giant facilitated money laundering through its bank accounts, disregarded the welfare of its China-based employees, and worked with junket operators associated with organized crime.

NSW regulators continue to press Crown Director Harold Mitchell and General Councilor Mary Manos to resign. The duo was not mentioned in the ASX statement.

Chairman Helen Coonan was named executive chairman after Crown Resorts chief executive Ken Barton resigned Monday. Directors Andrew Demetriou, Directors of Mr. Packer, Michael Johnston and Guy Jalland who resigned last week.

* Clarification: In an earlier version of this story, Crown's NSW license was revoked. That is not right. Crown still owns the license but has not been found usable.