Committee endorses North Dakota Sports activities Betting Act


Add North Dakota to the ever-growing list of states that seem poised to legalize sports betting this legislature.

A bipartisan House Committee approved a bill that would put sports betting on an electoral initiative during the 2022 election season, according to an Associated Press report.

The House Judiciary Committee gave bipartisan legislation a "do-pass" recommendation and will go into the House for a full vote.

The bill originally allowed betting on both professional and college sporting events, but does not allow gamblers to bet on college sports. It was changed after the North Dakota University Systems Chancellor told the committee that the presidents of all colleges and universities in the state had raised "concerns" about the inclusion of college sports.

The current legislation is a bit bleak and does not provide more specific information on the market such as tax rates and license fees. The committee will send the house an invoice with these details at a later date.

If the House approves the bill, it would go to the Senate to vote, and eventually to the governor's desk. A spokesman told the AP that Governor Doug Burgum does not advocate sports betting but does not prevent it.

Several governors in states with legal sports betting markets with similar views on this have let the legislation go by inaction. Republican Governor Larry Hogan "Authorized Sports Betting Legislation in Maryland": – Inaction this way happened last May.

If the legislature in either house dies, citizens could put it on the ballot with action taken under the North Dakota Constitution. It would be a similar route by which sports betting and casino gaming were legalized in Nebraska last November.

Georgia, Massachusetts, Arizona, Minnesota, and Florida are among the many states that have sports betting legislation through the legislative process.