Canada: Sports activities Betting Invoice C-218 Advances


Sports betting for individual events could become legal in Canada soon after Bill C-218 was passed in the House of Commons yesterday.

ONLY Committee to Discuss the Bill

Canada is closer to legalization Sports betting on individual events than Invoice C-218 to hand over second reading by doing House of Commons on Wednesday. The legislation was referenced to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights (ONLY).

Pass by with 303 "Yes" and 15 "No" yesterday Bill C-218 approached that Finish line and demand his supporters one last push to make sure it does. The proponents of the bill include the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), that demanded for them Members of Parliament eGaming Director to work together on legalizing sports betting for individual events "for the benefit of our players and provinces" Stewart Groumoutis explained.

Canadian players "want single-event sports betting" and the BCLC is poised to bring sports betting offers into one "for sure and responsible while also generate additional income for the BC province"Said Groumoutis.

Licensed sports betting in the future

Although Canada allows Parlay betting on sports games that are in the country criminal code originally banned all types of betting in the nation. Canadian bettors are currently required to travel to gaming properties across the border Washington for example or bet with Offshore and unregulated betting platforms.

BCLC's gaming platform, the only website of the kind authorized in BC, could fast provide Sports betting offerssaid the commission. The BCLC said there could be licensed sports betting across the board, put in place and supported by regulators, casinos and gaming partners.

According to the organization, Sports betting for individual events could generate between CA $ 125 million to CA $ 175 million Income from long-distance and brick-and-mortar stores. The score said the Canadian online gambling market could yield one Gross income from $ 3.8 billion to $ 5.4 billion based on Analysis of historical data of markets around the world.

John Levy, the founder and chief executive officer of Score Media and Gaming "The development (on Wednesday) in the House of Commons focused on legalizing sports betting for one-off events in Canada is a significant step forward in amending an outdated law."

He mentioned the "much needed modernized sports betting framework"All over the nation Jurisdictions and Areas "important consumer protection and the ability to generate new revenue streams for provincial and territorial governments".