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Leading operator EuropeBet has gone live with LVision's flagship BetBooster betting stimulation technology to increase sports betting sales in the biggest sports year of a generation.

AI sports betting technology provider LVision and its BetBooster product offer unmatched engagement, generate additional revenue and improve sports betting. It has already gone live with several major brands such as Rivalo, STS and others.

EuropeBet is one of the continent's leading bookmakers and online gaming companies, offering customers a full range of sports betting and gaming products and services.

The Betsson group brand will use the BetBooster tool to increase the performance and sales of sports betting on an action-packed sports calendar in 2021, including the newly scheduled European football championships.

BetBooster is a fully automated, data-driven sports insights service based on historical data, live incidents and AI analysis, covering both pre-game and in-game coverage, with an average of 20 million insights per year.

It is provided as a widget or as a sports data feed and can be integrated into betting slips. It offers sports betting instant betting stimulation with unique betting technology and offers EuropeBet customers advanced betting tips for real-time markets and offers.

BetBooster is based on LVision's proprietary AI algorithms and historical data and currently covers tennis, soccer and basketball. More sports are expected to be added by 2021, including American football, baseball, cricket, and more.

LVison's services include a variety of betting stimulation products such as live, high quality, visualization of sports, props markets for tennis players, re-visualization of historical tennis games into new content around the clock and much more.

Ido Lazar, Founder and CEO of LVision, said: "EuropeBet is a brand that I really admire and I am thrilled to have some big events partnered with in 2021, the greatest year of sports in living memory.

"With BetBooster, EuropeBet players will be able to bet on sports in a new and exciting way that has been proven to improve customer experience and generate additional revenue for major global brands."

Giorgi Tabatadze, Head of Sports Betting at EuropeBet, said: “Europebet is the first company in Georgia to become a LVision partner. We are pleased to offer our customers this new experience with Betbooster's Sports Insights Service.

“Before our customers place a bet both before and during the game, they can access detailed information, including statistics on more than 100 soccer matches. BetBooster enables customers to increase their chances of winning by using simple navigation to find the most likely events in a given game. This is how BetBooster helps us to create the best experience for our customers. "