5 Finest On-line Sports activities Betting: Information To Sports activities Betting Websites In The US


There are so many online sportsbooks to choose from these days, but it is not always easy to find ones that are reliable and have quick payouts.

In this post we have a list of the best sports betting by category. We tell you which sports bets are best for each sport and which ones have the best odds and lines.

Meet the author: As a professional bookmaker, my brother and I have been calculating odds and setting prices for almost 20 years as long as there have been sports betting websites. For more sports betting reviews like this one, visit the Betworthy.com blog.

5 best sports betting websites online

  1. First choice: Bovada
  2. Best odds and lines: MyBookie
  3. Best sign up bonus: Betway
  4. Best Fantasy Sports: DK Sports Betting
  5. Best loyalty bonuses: Bet365

1. Bovada – Best Online Sports Betting in the US

If you are looking for the best online sports betting website that gives you the best of all sports including UFC, NHL, NBA, NFL and NCAA odds, then Bovada is the place for you. With a decade of experience, it has everything you need to take your online sports betting experience to unimaginable heights.

Some of the Bovada benefits that stand out:

  • A range of gaming options including a casino, poker room, racing book and sports betting.
  • The unmatched variety of very competitive sports betting.
  • A decent selection of fast, reliable, and secure payment options.
  • Accepts BTC and pays off quickly

Bonus: 50% up to $ 250

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2. MyBookie – sports betting with the best odds and lines

Since its launch in 2014, MyBookie has made a name for itself as a reliable and customer-focused online sports betting company. The odds and lines are well above what most other sports betting sites offer, which means you won't regret having trusted your money.

In summary, the pros of this top online sports betting include:

  • Great design optimized for both mobile devices and desktops.
  • Many bonuses and promotions are spread over the whole year.
  • World-class security features and a solid range of built-in banking methods.

Bonus: 50% up to $ 1,000

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3. Betway – Best sign-up bonus of all sports betting

The Malta-based online gaming operator has been in the gambling business since 2006, which means that they know a lot about how to run a successful sports betting business. The success has been astonishing, coupled with a dedication to providing the best possible experience for customers in every country in which the company operates.

The main advantages of choosing Betway over other online sports betting websites are:

  • A huge variety of betting options including futures betting, live in-game betting, parlays, etc.
  • Offers odds on many local and international sports markets.
  • Polished design with an emphasis on excellent cross-platform compatibility.

Bonus: $ 30 Free Bet plus 100% up to $ 250

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4. Draftkings – Best Fantasy Sports Online Betting

Known for its unrivaled live betting options, as well as dazzling bonuses and promotions, DraftKings has quickly become one of the most recognized sports betting brands in the United States. As if it weren't the case, online sports betting has done a great job of designing an experience that is very memorable and easy to recommend to other sports betting enthusiasts.

Some of the best aspects of this online bookmaker are:

  • Well designed and very intuitive platform design.
  • Huge selection of betting markets and very competitive odds.
  • The aggressive offer of bonuses and promotions, including a loyalty program.

Bonus: $ 100 Free Bet plus 20% up to $ 1,000

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5. Bet365 – Best sports betting website for quick payouts

Bet365 may be a new addition to the fast-growing US sports betting market, but it is an established gaming operator that is easily recognized as one of the best online betting sites in the world. It is already proving to be a favorite in the US due to its outstanding properties and affordability, making it the destination for both high rollers and casual athletes.

Some of the perks bettors can look forward to when they choose this website include:

  • A variety of sports betting options and markets.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Safe, reliable and fast deposit and withdrawal options.

Bonus: 100% up to $ 500 in betting credit

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US Sportsbooks 101: Is It Legal To Bet On Online Betting?

In May 2018, the United States Supreme Court banned PASPA, lifting the federal ban on sports betting. With this decision, the legislative decision to legalize sports betting was passed to the individual states. Yes, sports betting is legal in the US, but this is not true in all states as some are either not on board yet or are still considering sports betting legislation.

This, of course, means that sports betting is legal in the US but may not be regulated in the state you are in.

Since this guide is all about helping you find the best places to bet on sports online, our primary focus is on states where online sports betting is legalized and regulated. These include Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Californiaand Washington DC, whose only online betting option is currently Intralot.

Given the very lucrative nature of the sports betting sector, other countries are likely to come on board in 2021 and beyond. For now, you must be in the states listed if you want to take full advantage of online sports betting on locally licensed and regulated sports betting.

More information: Legalization Tracker for Sports Betting

Which sports betting suits you?

While choosing an online sports betting website often depends on personal preference, it shouldn't always be the only thing to look for when choosing a sports betting option. If you are looking for a great and well-rounded experience, there are a few other factors you need to consider. Here are some of the most important:

Bonuses, free bets and promotions

The sports betting market is pretty crowded to say the least, and any online sportsbook will work very hard to get your attention. One way to do this is by offering very enticing bonuses, free bets and promotions. As pleasant as the idea of ​​reaping a lot from this reward may be, bettors should always proceed with caution.

Bonuses and promotions can result in a very enjoyable gaming experience, but only if they are fair. The best are those accompanied by reasonable terms and conditions. Even so, huge bonuses are not always the best as they can come with extremely high rollover requirements and other unreasonable conditions.

Always look through and compare multiple offers so that when you're finally done, you can make an informed decision that you won't regret later. Also, keep an eye out for loyalty programs, especially if you are a seasoned sports bettor, as these can go a long way in adding value to your sports betting experience.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Nothing comes close to the thrill of betting on your favorite sport or team for real money. However, this can easily be ruined by deficiencies in a location's POS system. The sports betting you choose has to be very serious about how it deals with both deposits and withdrawals.

The first way to determine this is to check the number of payment or backing options that have been built into the sportsbook. It is always better to have more options in this regard as you can then choose the ones that you prefer the most. The options available often vary from place to place, but as long as you are comfortable with what you find, you are good to go.

In addition to the number of payment options available on the website you choose, the sports betting must also check all the correct boxes related to security and speed. Payment options like digital currencies, credit cards, and even e-wallets are already very secure, but the website needs to implement additional features to ensure that your money arrives at its destination safely and quickly.

Range of sports betting

One of the main reasons many people have switched to online sports betting and retail bookmakers are dropping it is the variety that exists online. Most land-based sports betting often only offers the most important sports, which can vary based on location. International or less popular sporting activities are often canceled.

This is not the case with online sports betting websites. However, not all are built equal. As such, you want an online sportsbook that covers as many sports as possible. With so much variety, you don't have to worry about missing out on a chance to enjoy sports betting, even if your favorite sport is off-season.

Additionally, online sports betting, which offers a variety of sports betting options, gives bettors the opportunity to explore and try out sports activities that they have never tried before. It's a great way to keep the fun going all year round.

Competition odds and lines

The main goal of many casual gamers and professional athletes is to win some money with their bets. That said, if you want the best value or bang for your buck, finding the most competitive odds is very important. Even the slightest difference can have a huge impact on your chances of winning, or even how much you end up winning.

Many people often underplay this particular aspect, and while getting the best value can be relatively difficult, even a little knowledge can make a difference. The easiest way to do this is to search for the best betting sites for players in the US. This will mostly have the most lucrative odds and lines for you.

Once you've limited yourself to some great sports betting, you can either switch between them as the odds change, or compare them and choose the one that really excites you. Remember that in sports betting, every penny lost or won always adds up.

User-friendly betting interface

The user experience is an incredibly important aspect of online sports betting, and many of the best sports betting companies do their utmost to ensure they have a solid reputation in this regard. Nobody wants to get stuck trying to place bets or navigate through a website, which is why choosing the right website is very important.

Other factors, such as device compatibility, can come into play as there are currently many Internet-enabled devices floating around. Thankfully, the best sports betting websites have invested in responsive designs that work on just about any modern smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

You should also make sure that the site layout and selected themes or color schemes appeal to you before diving in.

Additional functions

As fun and exciting as sports betting may be, sometimes you may want to try something different. So, if you want to take a break from online sports betting but still want to enjoy gambling, you should try other types of gambling instead.

The best sports betting sites are also some of the best online casino sites out there. If you find a fantastic online casino, you will likely choose a great online casino, live casino, and poker room too. To make it even better, the best websites allow customers to enjoy all of these amazing products with the same casino account and bankroll. What more do you want

Other notable features that sports bettors should look out for include the reliability or accuracy of customer service, overall reputation, user ratings, transparency, built-in security, responsible gaming control, and licensing and regulatory information.

Best Sports Betting Sites

NFL soccer betting

The 17 weeks of the NFL regular season is usually the best time to bet on league games. Each team is expected to play 16 games between late July and early February. During these periods, therefore, a lot of betting activity is often required on both land-based sports betting and online sports betting websites. There will be a total of 22 weeks of NFL action from the start of the first game to the Super Bowl.

MyBookie is arguably the best online betting site for NFL betting fans as it offers many betting options including futures, parlays, in-game betting and point spreads. There are also some of the fastest payouts in the business. Bovada is also a great option.

NBA basketball betting

The National Basketball Association (NBA) season typically lasts 6 months. 82 games are played during this period. Each team usually plays around three games. If you want to bet on these games, the normal season usually starts in October and ends sometime in April. This is followed by the playoff championships, which usually end in May, followed by the finals, which often take place between May and June.

For all sports fans looking for the most competitive NBA betting lines and odds, MyBookie is a great place to start. You will be assured of access to many other amazing features and betting options. This combination of very realistic odds and a multitude of betting options is complemented by outstanding bonuses and a very robust cash register system.

College basketball betting

College basketball in the United States is regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The season usually officially starts in mid-October or early November. The conference games take place from December to the end of February. This leads to March Madness, which is usually the best time for most sports bettors who are fans of college basketball.

For college sports betting, there is no better place to bet than DraftKings. You'll find plenty of options for live betting, alternate lines, and even props. In addition, the opportunities offered by online sports betting are very competitive compared to other sports betting.

College football betting

College football season usually starts on Labor Day weekend and lasts through early January. The regular season usually starts a week after the conference championship games and ends on the first weekend in December. Overall, the regular college football season typically lasts 13 weeks. These are the best times when you want to bet on the games.

Bovada offers college football bettors the best experience as well as decent bonuses and promotions that will keep them coming back time and time again. With the wide range of betting options on offer as well as the very competitive odds on offer, there is no need to look elsewhere.

MLB baseball betting

Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season usually runs from late March or early April through late September or early October. This corresponds to a little less than 27 weeks in which a total of 162 games are played.

If you are looking for a wonderful MLB baseball betting experience you are sure not to go wrong Bovada. The site has already built a reputation for offering very competitive odds on baseball games during the season, and you can't expect anything less for the next season. DraftKings and Bet365 are also worth a visit.

NHL hockey betting

The National Hockey League (NHL) regular season usually runs from October through April. This is followed by the Stanley Cup, which takes place from mid-April to June. This is more than enough time for bettors to get involved in a betting action while the 82 game schedule expires.

MyBookie is arguably the best online sportsbook for betting on NHL games. Not only are the odds pretty good, but the website has some amazing features for all customers. This includes a variety of betting options, as well as enticing bonuses and promotions to keep everyone happy.

Best online sports betting FAQs

Is sports betting legal in the US?

Yes, sports betting is legal in the US, and even if it isn't in all parts of the country, many states have either legalized and regulated the activity since PASPA was abolished in mid-2018.

Where are sports betting legal in the US?

Sports betting in the United States is legal in the following states: Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island , Washington, DC and West Virginia.

Do online sports bets pay off in the US?

Yes, US online sports betting sites pay out players' winnings. Just make sure the site you are playing on is reputable.

What is the best online sports betting for US players in 2021?

The best sports betting for players in the United States is one that ticks all the right boxes regarding what players want, as well as the standard features and good examples of them Bovada, MyBookie, DraftKings & Bet365.

Which online sports bets do PayPal accept in the US?

Some of the online sports betting that their customers can use PayPal as a payment method include DraftKings, Betway, and Bet365.

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5 Best Online Sports Betting: Guide To Sports Betting Sites In The US